Professionally offended triumph again as The Sun axe Page 3

Do you make a personal decision to buy The Sun, looking forward to the added perk of a topless woman inside? Well I’m afraid that privilege has been stripped from you, by a bunch of busy-bodies who don’t even buy it.

Yes, the professionally offended – the “they” who I will constantly be referencing throughout this article – have seemingly claimed another victory with The Times claiming that The Sun – both papers are owned by Rupert Murdoch – are to drop their 44-year feature.

For the avoidance of doubt – not that I feel any requirement to defend myself, I don’t – I am not one of the 2.2 million who purchases the red-top daily. Nor do I go out of my way to see a pair of tits, if I want to, the internet means I sure don’t have to pay for them!

But this is a far more pungent issue than a half-naked woman. It’s the latest assault on our freedoms, from swathes of authoritarian hypocrites. Less than two weeks ago they cried #JeSuisCharlie after the tragic terrorist attacks on the Charlie Hebdo magazine, but now they rejoice with #NoMorePage3, without a hint of irony. I’m still betwixt and between whether it’s mindless serial bandwagoning or pure ignorance. Most likely a mixture.

Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, hinting at the buffoonery which may ensue with an impending Labour government.

Free speech seems to come how they want it, and when they want it. And our fear of upsetting them has allowed them to do so unchallenged. If they don’t like something, a few swishes of the censorship mace or a plunge with the “I’m offended!” dagger and the cowardice Western media concedes to their demands.

And it’s that very process which ensures that the Page 3 crusade will just be the latest in the greater agenda of their attempts to condition society. It has nothing to do with female empowerment, consent, or any other bullshit buzzword that is claimed. If women’s rights were such a major issue to them, they would be patrolling the streets of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – a country who last year nearly collapsed in shock as a woman presented the news with her face uncovered.

Not to mention that the woman who has made the free choice to expose herself in a national daily is earning a fair coin by doing so. In the same way that the state has no right to suppress the lucrative prostitution market, no spate of individuals have the right to prevent a lady making the most of her assets to graft a living. If she has consented, her choice should be respected. This is supposed to be a free society, after all.

No, scrapping Page 3 has nothing to do with standing up for women, it’s just a handy excuse to do so.

Perhaps I’m being hasty. The Sun, a private organisation, are under no duty to publish naked breasts on a daily basis, indeed Murdoch has hinted a few times that he would rather see the feature done away with.

However, it doesn’t seem feasible that a paper would bow to the cries of those who make no financial contribution to it – in the form of buying one.  For a company still managing to flog in excess of two million copies a day – a feat only matched by the Daily Mail – in the dwindling times of the print newspaper, the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, most certainly applies.

The Thought Police have secured their latest triumph against the citizens who just pine to be free. Answers on a postcard what they’re coming for next.


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