I don’t like One Direction, does that mean I can have them arrested?

I don’t like One Direction. I find their wrecking of music offensive. Obviously, I am right, and everyone else is wrong. So therefore, since One Direction are offensive, and I don’t like them, they should be arrested shouldn’t they? I mean, they are offensive, in this tolerant society that isn’t acceptable, surely?

Oh hang on, of course, that’s right… I’m not a fascist!

I may mock, but this sort of behaviour has engulfed Twitter in Ebola-like proportions. Fittingly, that brings me on to Katie Hopkins, who has “offended” a bunch of Scots, or “Jocks” as she referred to them. Since when was ‘Jocks’ offensive anyway? Remember the legendary, and now sadly deceased darts player, John Wilson? Or Jocky, as everyone referred to him.

I digress. After stripping the Twitter hyperbole down, and tranquilising the lynch mobs, it appears Mrs Hopkins tweeted a joke – yes, only a joke – about “Little sweaty jocks, sending us Ebola”.

Funny? Not overly. Reason for prosecution? Apparently.

Sensing an opportunity, the Scots – 45% still whining that the rest were duped into voting against independence – have took it upon themselves to get her arrested, and charged. Under what law, I’m not too sure. But a petition to get her nicked for “vile and racist tweets” has been signed over 21,000 times  at the time of writing.

It’s all getting quite Orwellian up in Scotland. I mean 1984, not Animal Farm. Well, I guess it could be both. Communism, of course. I’ll refrain from labeling them animals, it might be considered offensive!

The police are now reportedly “examining” Mrs Hopkins’ tweets with their aim being to “establish any potential criminality”. They have also promised that “anyone found to be responsible will be robustly dealt with”. Good luck with that.

Is there no real policing to do? Only last week a man was arrested for making a joke about the tragic Glasgow bin lorry crash. It was a heinous thing to do but punishing people for what they say is a violation of freedom. No more real criminals to catch? Perhaps we should have your budget slashed then. After all, we’re paying for you.

That so many seem to endorse a police state and are more than happy to relinquish their liberty to pursue witch hunts is worrying – even more so when you consider how many across the world battle oppression.The lynch mobs do not realise the full impact of their crusades and what they are condoning through these petty petitions.

Interesting is it not, that people regularly attack Mrs Hopkins yet steer clear from Muslim hate preacher Anjem Choudary. Is that because they are accepting of his right to freedom or because they are too scared to do anything about it? Answers, I have none. You can be the judge.

My big fear is eventually the powers that be will look to make an example of someone for their social media actions, using that incident to warn others against expressing themselves over the internet. When people are unaware of what rights they possess, it is striking how easy they can be taken away. Britain’s membership of the European Union should tell you that.

It’s difficult to hold much sympathy though. Our freedom isn’t being snatched, we are willingly let it go. And as we enter 2015 – a year marking the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta – it’s about time we fought back.


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