Where is the real independence?

On Thursday Scotland will go to the polls to “determine their future”. In a historic referendum that will decide whether to stay as part of the United Kingdom, or to split and become an “independent” country.

I put the term independent in quotation marks because any promise of independence that has been made by the Yes campaign is phony. Instead of the Scots offering up their sovereignty to Westminster, they have been given the chance to pledge allegiance to Brussels instead – and become a province of the ever-growing European empire.

The European Union claims to be the world’s second largest democracy, after India. Unfortunately for the citizens within this Union, there is no democracy. The only elections that take place are European Parliament elections, which is where the Members of European Parliament (MEPs) sit. This “Parliament” if it can even be called that, is not your average parliament. There are is no law making body it is simply an amendment chamber. The European Commission is the law-making body, they propose legislation and send it down to the European Parliament for approval. If MEPs vote yes to a piece of proposed legislation it will be passed, if they vote no the Commission will redress it and keep bringing it back until it is.

A conservative estimate is that the EU accounts for at least 50% of a country’s laws. The true figure is likely far higher but we’ll stick with committed Europhile Nick Clegg’s figure for the sake of argument. 50% is still 50% too much. If this Commission were elected by the people of Europe then there would be at least a thin veneer of democracy – but they are not. They are appointed without the requirement for them ever to have been elected for anything in their lives. Baroness Cathy Ashton is a prime example. Shoehorned in to the House of Lords to rush through the Lisbon Treaty, she was then appointed to the Commission to become head of foreign policy. She was for a period a few years back the highest paid female politician in the world. And I would argue she isn’t doing a very good job either, as we head stupidly into a clumsy, and I fear inevitable conflict with Russia. I digress.scotland-europe-1

The fact is, the European Commission that accounts for a high percentage of a country’s laws has not been elected by anybody. One could argue that the European Union is less democratic than North Korea. At least they get to vote on who is in charge, despite there only being one name on the ballot, and that Kim Il-Sung who remains President until this day, has been dead for over 20 years.

There are those who will tell you that the European Union is not perfect and that it needs reform. Indeed it does, it is completely illegitimate as a political body, and should have never been allowed to mutate from being a free trade area. Reform however is impossible. To quote Peter Hitchens: “To complain that a European Union is a federalist is like complaining that a bicycle has handlebars, that’s what they are”. The lone stance of David Cameron to try and stop Jean-Claude Juncker becoming President of the European Union was completely pointless – I would argue fake. If it wasn’t Juncker, it would have been somebody else. The intention has been made perfectly clear that further integration and further destruction of national sovereignty is the aim of the game and for anyone to believe otherwise is an act of extreme gullibility.

Why has this generation so easily given up its right to govern itself? Possibly because it is the first to not have to defend its own freedom. The European Union was allegedly formed to bind nations together, so that we would never go to war again. The complete opposite has happened, we have not become stronger. The failure of the Eurozone has caused misery across and has if anything created a further divide between Northern and Southern Europe.

I’ve not even mentioned the economic crisis that has crippled Southern Europe as a result of total ineptness. For those interested in how the European Union is totally clueless over financial matters and how the Eurozone has failed and left countries trapped in an economic prison, I suggest checking out some of former MEP Godfrey Bloom’s speeches on YouTube. Bloom is one of the few politicians who has had the guts to explain why the banking system has failed, revealing its total incompetency as well as the complete illegitimacy of the European Union. Unfortunately Bloom was hounded out by his own party UKIP around 12 months ago after a political correctness attack by the mainstream media.

So there is your choice Scotland, or rather your lack of it. You can either leave and submit yourself to this faux-democracy or remain in a current Union that you have a right to be equally uneasy with. Westminster is grovelling to make you stay, offering deals and promises preferential treatment that it will fail to deliver due to its rejection by the rest of the British public. Whatever you choose, the grubby fist of Brussels will remain clenched around your balls. It doesn’t really matter, the promise that you can have sovereignty and govern your own affairs is not an option. Until a country elects a government that doesn’t hate its own people and offer them a chance to get out, very little can change. One can only hope that if a country such as the UK or France finally does get a referendum and votes to leave, that the rest of Europe will also follow suit. Until that happens, nothing will change.

Scotland deserves far better, as does everyone else.


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